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Last year, Wells Tower took a completely different approach with his dad: Burning Man, the world's largest chemically enhanced self-expression festival. Then they set up camp and took off their clothes." "By traveling to my daughter's new turf with the cloak of having been a camper there myself, I thought maybe the bubble might last a little longer.

Maybe it would be 10 hours before our old routine closed back around us.""Without the sign, without the context, I definitely look like someone who is a bit insane.

PJ: Okay, so, Alexey says like, in the very beginning, his experience of Live Journal was very similar to your experience, Alex. ALEXEY: They literally micromanaged the uh- the media. PJ: This Live Journal starts picking up thousands and thousands of readers who tune in every week to see which corrupt government agency Navalny’s gonna get the documents of. IF you want to stop Live Journal you are going to have to go to war with the website and that is what they do this massive war between an autocratic Russian government and a bunch of geeks with online diaries. Okay, so the Kremlin wants to destroy Live Journal, but they already have another problem. S., it is very quickly becoming a super super popular website in Russia, like, millions of Russians are opening accounts. PJ: These trolls were coming from a Kremlin office called the Kremlin Federal Youth Agency.

They, uh, call up the editors in chiefs of, uh, TV networks, and tell them what- what to cover, from which angle, what not to cover, etc. And so it’s becoming this big thing, and the government is like, “Huh, we do not like this.” PJ: And so if you’re the Russian Government, here’s what really sucks about this: You can’t shut down Live Journal. It was a propaganda wing, and messing with Live Journal was like an entry-level propaganda job in the Russian Government.

“We never stop working toward better and more efficient ways of doing business both in the field and in the office.” 2.I liked the idea of being the kind of woman who’d go to the Gobi Desert pregnant, just as, at twenty-two, I’d liked the idea of being the kind of girl who’d go to India by herself.""I wanted her to say that we were the collateral damage of a nation going through growing pains.Part of me wanted us to hug and agree each other to death that we were better people than we actually were.That’s how I thought of it, before I clicked to look at the hundreds of replies; I figured people were probably wondering why I would bring my typewriter to a park.And when I started reading the comments, I saw most people had already decided that I would bring my typewriter to the park because I'm a 'fucking hipster.'" the ants."PACIFIC STANDARD / The Most Senseless Environmental Crime of the 20th Century by Charles Homans"It was one of the fastest decimations of an animal population in world history—and it had happened almost entirely in secret." "They were approaching the camp in the golden dusk, framed by dark trees and the pinky purple sky, kicking through the swamp water and the brush, some of them trumpeting.

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When he isn’t smoking a cigarette, he’s lighting one.

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