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To achieve this, it builds on the concept of to inject its logic into template files in a way that doesn’t affect the template from being used as a design prototype.

This improves communication of design and bridges the gap between design and development teams.

The Incredible XML Parser has all the nice features from the library described on this page AND it's even faster, more scalable, less memory-hungry and easier to use. encoding support (chinese) (see this UTF-8-demo that shows the characters available).

To the best of my knowledge, the Incredible XML Parser is the best "non-validating C XML parser" currently available 😄 (and by a large margin! If you are still experiencing character encoding problems, I suggest you to convert your XML files to UTF-8 using a tool like iconv (precompiled win32 binary).

You can show us that you like it by blogging about your experience with it and linking to the project website.

If you are using lxml for your work and feel like giving a bit of your own benefit back to support the project, consider sending us money through Pay Pal that we can use for fixing bugs in the software and improving its features and documentation.

"From the earliest days of the Web, we've been using essentially the same set of tags in our documents.... Enter XML" - Norman Walsh That is, though the majority of web designers do not need tags to format musical notation, medical formula, or architectural specifications, musicians, doctors and architects might.

There's a significant benefit to a fixed tag set with fixed semantics: portability. XML allows each specific industry to develop its own tag sets to meet its unique needs without forcing everyone's browser to incorporate the functionality of zillions of tag sets, and without forcing the developers to settle for a generic tag set that is too generic to be useful.

Of course, you can also parse XML data that you have already stored yourself into a memory buffer.

If you are new to Element Tree, start with the lxml.etree tutorial for XML processing.

See also the Element Tree compatibility overview and the Element Tree performance page comparing lxml to the original Element Tree and c Element Tree implementations.

Check out these customized XML-based languages: However cool the idea of escaping the limitations of a basic tag set (like HTML) sounds, it isn't even close to the best thing about XML?

The real power of XML comes from the fact that with XML, not only can you define your own set of tags, but the rules specified by those tags need not be limited to formatting rules.

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