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The command will create the (optional) specified dir if it doesn't already exist. Typically if you expect to be developing in the package, you want the HEAD, in which case you should omit the -r option. If no files are specified everything reachable from current directory which is newer than the version in the repository will be committed.If there is anything in the repository which is newer than the copy in your working directory, CVS will refuse to do anything until you issue a CVS update (q.v.) If no message is supplied on the command line, CVS will bring up your editor.More about "What CVS is not." More about How your project builds interact with CVS The information provided in this document about CVS commands and actions assumes that the project files you are working with are text files.It is possible to include binary files in version control with CVS, although there are some special issues. If you have cvs write permissions, you can add subdirectories to your project's source tree using the "cvs add" command.Compare working directory to the versions of the same files in the repository.If you have not changed a file but there is a newer version in the repository, CVS will replace your local copy with the repository version.If both files (copy in your working directory and in repository) have changed since you checked out the file, CVS will attempt to merge them.

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If you have existing files to add to the project, you can import these into CVS using the following command: Importing allows you to add a lot of files at once, something like a super "cvs add." To import all existing directories and files, in your top level directory type: cvs import -m "log message" projectname This creates the files and directories in the CVS repository for your project on this site.

If you want to preserve these files and directories in their original state, you may want to tag or archive this set of original files before you or any other developers begin checking out working copies of project files.

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