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I also love learning new things, from science to spiritual development. I read quite a bit and I'm interested in many different subjects including psychology, philosophy, physics (anything science really), biology, energy healing, spirituality and personal growth and development. I am very passionate about life, people, animals, nature, the world. Love to talk, communicate, express, creative, loving. I love music, theatre, all live performances, movies, tv, outdoors. I am hardworking at the things I love to do..hardworking at the things I have to do. I am a nice person who respects the earth and my body (not a gym fanatic in any way..try to eat right and recycle).

At a short distance, I am a joyful guy (or at least that's what I think) who appreciates the life's simple things, inspirational chats, laughting, ... A person who believes most people in the world are good. Love mountain biking, hiking, football, skiing, yoga etc..sci-fi, love thinking, talking, being Hello - I am a pretty down to earth, easygoing...laidback...however you refer to it..of guy.

WHAT I'M TEMPTED TO SAY, IN HONOR OF ALL GREAT SELF-DESCRIPTIONS THAT HAVE COME BEFORE ME..."my glass is always half full..baggage! As a person who has endured a sort of persecution for being a vegetarian, I am happy to finally be in a vegetarian community. I want to volunteer more and I want to learn to cook more healthy meals for my 8 yr old son.

i am a high maintenance, goal-disoriented drama king in touch with my outer self, a knight in tarnished armor who is uncomfortable in his own skin. i'm just a homeless necromantic, living life to its foulest."i like to swim the english channel, ride along on alien abductions, levitate, read minds, flatline, time travel, snake charm, dabble in spontaneous combustion, reanimate, campaign for vampire rights, and visit other dimensions. Single, somewhat outdoorsy(like to walk in the woods), like listening to music(rock, folk, new age), reading. I want to be a positive role model to my son and others. I write philosophical books and like ideas from quantum physics and buddhism and energetic medicine.

Research from dating site AYI, found men prefer (yes, !

) vegetarian women 11 percent more than carnivores.

carnivores or that I once had my birthday party at Dinosaur BBQ, it's pointless. When the conversation switches to job talk or questions about family, it always comes back up. It's 2014, and even though you can order almond milk in your coffee or grab a slice of gluten-free pizza to-go, there's still special-diet discrimination out there in the dating world, you guys.

In our Breakfast, Love & Dinner survey, we learned that 50 percent of respondents would probably not date someone with significant dietary restrictions. But for online daters, it can be a different veggie story — but it's based on gender.

Match also allows you to be as specific as you want about your preferences when browsing profiles and filling out your profile.

I must say I am shy but humorous at the same time (although that may seem contradictory :) ), honest, and independent, always happy to help others.

Life has been an interesting and blessed ride so far, full of joy, adventure, amazing experiences, a few hardships, and the lessons that come with each. I think every day has great potential and love stillness at the beginning and end and fun in the middle.

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There are others out there searching for vegetarian dating and passionate, fun relationships.

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I've learned from my life experience and evolved over the years. I've worked a lot with animals and I've learned to respect them. Down to earth, caring, compassionate, affectionate, loving, sensitive, thoughtful, considerate, open and honest. Can't abide cruelty, indifference to suffering, hypocrisy or injustice.

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