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When designing your web applications you want to try and keep down the amount of space used to a minimum, so this code snippet for address management might well help (image to the right).

The only thing we need to do is create a couple of basic SQL tables and then bind a Details View to it.

The code above already handles the address type binding by using the SQLData Source above when we are in edit or insert mode, so it is one less thing to do later, although we will need to ensure that the Connection Strings is available to it. Now lets bind the data from the database, we will create code to handle inserting and updating the database, and put in a connection to our database (in this case linked to my Web Config file). I formed Claytabase in 2010 as a way of carrying on my work with SQL Server and ASP. This has culminated in the Ousia Content Management System being taken from concept to one of the quickest CMS's on the market.

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As illustrated in Figure s for different data item types (I will tell more about types in the “Data Models” section.

For the moment, simply keep in mind that a data model can define a type, which is used by the List View to render a data item.). This chapter will initially concentrate on the visual and user interaction aspects of a list view, and at a later stage, will explore how data models are implemented.

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The difficulty with this comes because we have separated the Grid View and the related Details View into different ASP. This is a trigger which will cause a change to happen in the User grid.

When the data changes in the Details View, we want to trigger the Grid View to refresh. There are dollar signs separating the control hierarchy. Net engine to navigate the DOM tree and find the required element.

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What if you want to select one of the items in the grid, and display an edit panel for that user? Take a look at my post called Creating a Gridview and Formview Master/Child page for more information.

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