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In Monmouthshire is the decayed cathedral city of Caerleon, where, according to tradition, Arthur was crowned king in 508, and where he set up his most dazzling court, as told in the ' Morte d'Arthun' The Arthur of British history and tradition stands to Welshmen in much the same light that Alfred the Great stands to Englishmen. To secure the maximum of system, for the sake of the student who employs the work for reference and comparison, with the minimum of dullness, for the sake of the general reader, is perhaps the limit of a reasonable ambition. 13 with the fur coat ;' in Ammam the tiger is called ' orrandfather ;' and it is thought that the maxim, ' Speak only good of the dead,' came originally from the notion of propitiating the ghost of the departed,^ who, in laying off this mortal garb, had become endowed with new powers of harming his late acquaintance. The Ellyllon are the pigmy elves who haunt the groves and valleys, and correspond pretty closely with the English elves.

In the ground it covers, while this volume deals especially with Wales, and still more especially with South Wales — where there appear to have been human dwellers long before North Wales was peopled — it also includes the border counties, notably Monmouthshire, which, though severed from Wales by Act of Parliament, is really very Welsh in all that relates to the past. In presenting his subjects, therefore, the writer in this field can only govern himself by the purpose of orderly arrangement. The Greeks spoke of the furies as the Eumenides, or gracious ones ; Highlanders mentioned by Sir Walter Scott uncover to the gibbet and call it ' the kind gallows ;' the Dayak will not name the small-pox, but calls it ' the chief;' the Laplander calls the bear 'the old man The Realm of Faeine.

At this time he lived on the east side of Heeren Street, now Broadway ; the third place south of Wall Street, opposite Trinity Church, in 1657, on April 14th, he was granted the burgher right, and was Lance Corporal of Company Second of the Burgher Corps. It will be seen that from 1775 to 1783, the period covered by the Revolution, his time was devoted to the public service practically con- tinuously. My father was then a boy and would often cross the river with them to a place, afterwards our home, opposite Newburgh, and there wait until their return from the village. COPY OF FAMILY RECORD WRITTEN BY WILLIAM DENNING IN THE BIBLE NOW IN POSSESSION OF WILLIAM SHALER JOHNSON. William Denning aged 25 years and 2 months married to Sarah Hawxhurst, 2nd daughter of William Hawxhurst of New York, Merchant. M., aged 35 years, 10 months and 17 days, at the then family dwelling in the of New Cornwall, in the county of Orange, a place purchased of James Peters for a retreat for my family during the Revolutionary War and by me named Salisburgh. How- ever smoothly the management of the Commander-in-Chief's household might run, the enemy had always to be reckoned with, and there were moments of excitement in plenty.* "The custom was to have the Guard hutted adjacent to the quarters of the Commander-in-Chief.

In 1655, owing to the dangerous condition of the times, it was thought best to strengthen the defence of the city, and on October 12th he contributed towards that purpose, and in 1665, on April 19th, he was assessed for soldiers. Morris resigned the office of Superintendent of Finance, and a Board of Treasury, consisting of three Commissioners, was reestablished. Den- ning a member of the Board, but in a letter of December 6th he de- clined to serve, being at that time a member of the New York State 138 Will tarn Dewing. [J ll b' Assembly and also engaged in settling the accounts of the Quartermas- ter-General's Department of the army. 113, 114, 273, 280, 281, 313, 314, 316, 317, 321, 4S1. Sarah, wife of said William Denning departed this life on Monday the 14th day of October 1776, at one o'clock and ten minutes P. This small tribute to his excellence is very inadequate to the enjoyments and blessings bestowed on the writer of this, the eldest child of this most valued parent. Shaler, wife of Nathaniel Shaler, and mother of Lucy Ann Shaler, who married Commodore Thomas Macdonough.) LEVI HOLDEN, AN OFFICER OF WASHINGTON'S LIFE GUARD. These relics are still treas- ured by the respective descendants of the two warriors, but, sad to say, the nightcap* has been greatly reduced in size by the scissors of certain * Now owned by Mrs. [July, persons, now fortunately dead, whose sense of the fitness of tilings was overshadowed by convictions as to the community of inheritances.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. "When we came to live at the Grange, and by this removal were so much further from Morris in Queen Square," Edward*s notes say, " I wrote and proposed that he and Webb should come every Sunday, to bind us together, and I remember, but have lost, a letter he wrote in answer, more full of warm response to this than he often permitted himself." This was the banning of the Sunday meetings of which men- tion will onen be made. Lindsay, Sir Coutts, establishes the Grosvenor Gallery, 1877, ii.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. At first they were in the evening, but when Morris left Queen Square and came to live nearer the Grange the plan was altered, and he used to breakfast with us every Sunday and spend the morning in the studio with Edward.

Around this historic or semi-historic Arthur has gathered a viii Preface. i CHAPTER IL Classification of Welsh Fairies — General Designation — Habits of the Tylwyth Teg — Ellvllon, or Elves — Shakspeare's Use of Welsh Folk- Lore— Rowii Pugh and the Ellyll— Household Story Roots— The Ellylldan— The Pooka— Puck Valley, Breconshire — Where Shakspeare got his Puck — Pwca 'r Trwyn — Usual Form of the Pooka Story — Coblynau, or Mine Fairies — The Knockers — Miners' Superstitions — Basilisks and Fire Fiends — A Fairy Coal-mine — The Dwarfs of Cae-Caled — Counterparts of the Coblynau — The Bwbach, or Household Fairy — Legend of the Bwbach and the Preacher — Bogies and Hobgoblins- Carrying Mortals through the Air— Counterparts and Originals 1 1 CHAPTER in. Keightley^ divides into four classes the Scandinavian elements of popular belief as to fairies, viz. The English name was probably derived from the Welsh el, a spirit, elf, an element ; there is a whole brood of words of this class in the Welsh language, expressing every variety of flowing, gliding, spirituality, devilry, angelhood, and goblinism.

The "Twelve Men " and the "Eight Men" were the first assemblies on Manhattan Island. Denning to settle the accounts of General Bailey against the United States " for money advanced, sup- plies given, and services rendered by him." In 1784 Mr. Lucretia Ann, born 26th May 1766, married at the family resi- dence in Wall Street to Nathaniel Shaler of Middletown Connecticut 2nd June 1787. Charles, born 21st August 1767, died 8th August 1768. William, born nth September 1768, married to Catherine Smith, born 13th November 1770, second daughter of Thomas Smith Esq., Counsellor-at-law, 3rd November 1794. Sally Hawxshurst Denning, born 22nd January 1770, died 21st November 1770. Philip, born 29th July 1772, died 14th August 1773. Sarah, born 24th April 1775, marned to William Henderson in New York, nth June 1798. Paul's Church, from whence her remains were removed to be deposited (at her particular request) at the Beverly Farm to which place she was attended by Mr. The record closes by the departure from this world of its revered writer, William Denning, in Oct. Lamented by all who knew him, his universal philanthropy rendering him beloved by all, but inexpressibly dear was he to his children, to whose comfort and happiness he was devotedly and invariably solicitous. For the former she knitted a linen-thread net for the queue ; for the latter, a linen-thread nightcap. 142 Levi I [olden, an Ojjicer of Washington s Life Guard.

In 1641, on August 29th, he was one of the " Twelve Men " whom the commonalty chose and em- powered to resolve on everything with the Director-General and Council, and in 1643, on November 3d, he was one of the " Eight Men " who sent a memorial to the States General of Holland, setting forth the dis- tressed state of the colony on account of the Indian outbreaks, and begging for assistance. On the 30th of October, 1783, on the recommendation of the Sec- retary of War, Congress directed Mr. On Sunday the 8th the funeral procession took place from the family residence 341 Broadway, to St. Thomas Hay and myself and interred with the most respectful solemnity attended also by many of our sorrowing neighbors of the vicinity. Colfax and Holden were both high in favor with her ladyship.

I Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OOsikerich I TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, ALBERT EDWARD, PRINCE OF WALES, THIS ACCOUNT OF THE FAIRY MYTHOLOGY AND FOLK-LORE OF HIS PRINCIPALITY IS BY PERMISSION DEDICATED. An even grander figure is the Arthur who existed in Welsh mythology before the birth of the warrior- king. Collen and Gwyn ap Nudd — The Green Meadows of the Sea — Fairies at Market — The Land of Mystery .. Patrick and the Welshmen ; a Legend of Crumlyn Lake— The Elfin Cow of Llyn Barfog— Y Fuwch Laethwen Lefrith — The Legend of the Meddygon Myddfai — The Wife of Super- natural Race — The Three Blows ; a Carmarthenshire Legend —Cheese and the Didactic Purpose in Welsh Folk-Lore— The Fairy Maiden's Papa— The Enchanted Isle in the Mountain Lake — Legend of the Men of Ardudwy — Origin of Water Fairies— Their prevalence in many Lands .. There was in every hollow A hundred wrymouthed elves.

British Goblins WELSH FOLKLORE, FAIRY MYTHOLOGY, LEGENDS AND TRADITIONS, WIRT SIKES, UNITED STATES CONSUL POE WALES. The mythic Arthur, it is presumed, began his shadowy life in pre-historic ages, and grew pro- gressively in mythologic story, absorbing at a certain period the personality of the real Arthur, and be- coming the type of romantic chivalry. The hollows, or little dingles, are still the places where the peasant, belated on his homeward way from fair or market, looks for the ellyllon, but fails to find them.

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