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Below are nine routines that I think sync neatly with some of comic fandom’s most popular “ships.” Some are romantic OTPs (One True Pairs), some are br OTPs (the platonic version), and others represent more tragic relationships—one, in particular, is a definite personal NOTP (No OTP, a.k.a. Add something gothic styling and many ruffles, and bang! Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes (or any other popular M/M ship)Music: “How It Ends” by De Votch Ka Choreography: Travis Wall Dancers: Season 7’s Kent Boyd and mentor Neil Haskell According to the introduction, this routine is about two male “best friends.” Read “best friends” like you’d read Batwoman and Renee Montoya as “gal pals.” Trust me, you’ll be able to tell when you watch the routine. Though I think Steve & Bucky fit ideally for this heartbreaking dance, I’d also say its fair game to match it with any other tortured, unacknowledged-by-bigwigs male/male pairing in a comics universe. After all dancers have performed, viewers are invited to vote for their favorite couples.The three couples with the fewest number of votes face elimination in the next episode.

She also serves as Assistant Choreographer for Hip-Hop legend Missy Elliot and has appeared in her music videos for "WTF," "Where They From," and "I'm Better." Comfort's choreography work can also be seen in Karmin's music videos "Didn't Know You," and "Blame it on My Heart," as well as directing and choreographing Nia Sioux's music video "Just Rock." She later competed alongside Tahani Anderson as her all star mentor on Season 13 of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.

It’s just hotness all around, but since their choreographer is former contestant and shirtless wonder Dmitry Chaplin, that’s no surprise!

This was the first Bollywood routine featured on the show, so contemporary dancer Katee and hip-hop dancer Joshua weren’t quite sure what to expect.

A few weeks later, Nakul not only choreographed the first Bollywood Dance routine to air on So You Think You Can Dance, but also on American Primetime Television.

The Katee Shean and Joshua Allen ‘Dhoom Taana’ Bollywood routine spent a week atop You Tube’s “Most Viewed list” and Nakul became an overnight success in the dance community.

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Script written by Eliza Baynes The show has always been able to highlight the best dancers in America.

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  1. But as they both work to turn the dilapidated farm into something more valuable than they ever imagined, they find themselves falling in love just in time for harvest season.