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They never really caught on with drum sets, perhaps because drum sets that needed to be louder could be mic'd (not an option with marching drums), and/or because the projectors forced players to keep the toms up pretty high in order to clear the kick drum. Anyone have any idea what kind of wood these shells are? I believe the shells were described as "Select American veneers" in the Cat,most people think it was a maple and poplar shell, I have a 1983 S/L kit the line that that preceded the Rockers,same shells except the kick is 6 ply.

I would believe there is maple in them, I have had the kit down to just the shells and wrap and they are pretty heavy,heavier than what I imagine all poplar would be.

This brought on changes in design, concepts, and the relocation of the production facility.

The Modular bracket, another 70’s era innovation, took on more recognition in the 1980’s.

The Ludwig Drum Experts have an extensive section devoted to Ludwig Drums over on our Vintage Drum Guide web site.

There is an entire section devoted to Ludwig Drums, including the history of Ludwig Drums, drum badges, drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets.

As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site, like our rare and never seen Ludwig Factory Videos from 1964! Since we can't list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Ludwig Drums and that is the place to do more research!

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