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I have loved reading this website and it got me wondering why guys seem to focus on sniffing panties that have been removed from the wearer?

Wouldn’t you prefer to smell a pair of panties that are still being worn?

Laura left work and walked down to the subway platform, her thoughts preoccupied by two facts.

First, that Alec was going to meet her at her apartment in less than an hour and second, that her air conditioner was broken and would not be repaired until Monday.

If you have surely you agree they smell even better than the ones you find in a laundry basket?

Narong Thaopanya, 21, was travelling on the coach from Bangkok to Sukhothai province in northern Thailand on March 30.

Founded in 2003, the site has grown at a blistering rate since its inception and now has more than 748,000 members in the United Kingdom.

Their rise to the number one married dating site in the UK has been astronomical.

The army reservist recorded the woman - believed to be from France - and took pictures of her 'arrogant behaviour'.'I asked her many times to put her legs on the ground and she would not do it.

She just kept them in the air.'Somebody will have to use the seat and put their head where her dirty feet have been.'Would she have done this in her own country?

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