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The two birthstone color tables show a range of aqua, black, blue, brown, clear, orange, pink, purple, red, violet, white, and yellow birthstones.

Some of the stones, like garnet, agate and sapphire are available in a variety of different colors and are listed under several colors and/or months.

Improve your love compatibility by getting free dating tips and advice.

Because the Aquarius man is not your average guy, normal flirting tactics probably won’t work on him.

If you can match his fast-paced exchange of ideas he’ll ask you out, and it will be an unexpected kind of date.

Don’t be surprised if it involves his friends or family, for he is a social creature as well.

Once you’ve piqued his interest you can broaden the conversation to other topics, but never shift into idle chatter.

Like a small child with a crush, they may indicate their interest by being a nuisance.They are sensitive, if a little insecure, and many people find this reserved loner very attractive.They usually play it safe and they must know that you like them before they'll make the tiniest move. They are willing to work on their relationships and dedicate themselves to make them work. While they don't shower their partner with showy gifts, they may actually be more generous with gifts of devotion.Virgo Venus will quietly work their way into your heart.

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They will do a whole lot for their partner in small, quiet ways that are not always noticed. Don't push them into meeting everyone in your address book too quickly. Let them know how valuable they are to you this means a lot to them.

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